Organizations and Individuals combining for City Transformation

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Our desire is to give to the City of Tulsa with NO agenda. Surprisingly, per the city officials, this does not happen often.  The city has set up a way for us to do this with the Serve Tulsans Initiative. Contact Us to learn more about this awesome opportunity!

Give for Transformation

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Since 1993

What is the Tulsa Coalition?

The Tulsa Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals who are joining together for a common purpose: City Transformation. 

Tulsa ranks in the lowest, or near the bottom, of most statistical measurements.  However, it has the most churches, non-profits, etc, per capita.  Something is missing: Transformation.   

This coalition is of the mindset that We can do it better together!  Churches, Businesses, Schools, Community and individual involvement, and Media entities combining efforts to make a difference. What would it look like to unite for a City that is transformed, extremely prosperous, and sought after for the good news the city produces?  We hope to create an atmosphere in Tulsa that is congruent with the Kingdom of Heaven!

What is this Kingdom? It is a Kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy.  We will influence a city, a region, and a nation by being the signs, wonders, and miracles that will reform and transform the earth.  

Tulsa Coalition